Navigating the Mobile App

Are you having trouble finding something in our mobile app? Here's a quick tour!


First we'll start with the 4 icons along the bottom. These are shortcuts to the most popular parts of the app. In order from left to right, these will link you to  Home, Units, Shorties/Podcasts/Videos, Smart Review

Units (the book icon) is where you'll find our main "course". You'll read Learning Notes, complete Lessons, and listen to Shorties dialogues as you follow the Units for each level (A1-B2).

If you don't see these icons, it may be because you're currently on a page where they are hidden. You can still use the main menu (see the next section), or you can click Back until you get to a page where they are showing again.

Where's everything else?

When in doubt, you can usually find the section you're looking for somewhere under the main menu on the upper left. It's the icon that looks like 3 horizontal lines (this is known as a "hamburger" menu 😉🍔). If you don't see what you need right away, notice that the Learn, Practice, and Search sections expand to show more options.

Looking for the Translator tool?

The speech bubble icon on the upper right is a shortcut. This will open the translator over top of the current page so that you don't have to stop what you're doing. Then click Hide to close it.

What about the Account section?

Sorry, this section is not accessible from the app. Please log in to your account in a web browser and go to Account > Manage. If you signed up via our website, you can cancel / make subscription changes from this Account section on our website. If you signed up via the App Store or Google Play Store, any subscription related changes have to be managed through there. If you're not sure where you signed up, no problem, just contact us for help.

Still lost?

Feel free to contact us and we'll help you find what you're looking for! Just make sure to let us know you're in the app, so that we know how to direct you.

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