How Do I Cancel My Subscription?

When members are having trouble, we love it when they contact us so we have the chance to help resolve the problem, and make sure they're satisfeitos!

But if for whatever reason you aren't satisfied with your membership or need to go off the grid for a, we make it easy to cancel. We know that by making it just as easy to cancel as it was to sign up, there's a better chance you'll be comfortable returning one day as a member, when the time is right!

Here are the 2 ways to cancel:

  • Account settings – In the Subscription area, you should see your membership listed, and you'll be able to Pause or Cancel instantly. 


  • Send us a message – Drop us a quick line and we'll get you canceled as soon as we see the message. There's just 2 of us at the moment so there may be a day or so delay, but rest assured – if your account renews before we get a chance to cancel, we will make sure you get a refund. 

Fiddly Details

  • Will you keep my account for me? Yes, by default, we'll keep your deactivated account as well as your progress, so you'll be able to easily reactivate and continue where you left off. No payment details are stored on our servers, so your details will always be safe. (We let Stripe and PayPal handle that important aspect of our business). Of course, we can delete your account completely if you tell us that you'll never need it again.
  • How do I reactivate my account? When you log into a deactivated account, you should see the option to sign-up again. You'll also have the chance to choose a different plan or payment method.

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