What's a Shorty?

You may have your own meaning, but around here, a Shorty is just a short dialogue or article recorded by native European Portuguese speakers. Most are around 1-3 minutes long, so they are a more "bite-size" version of our Podcast episodes. We release new Shorties about every other day, so they are a great way to stay consistent with European Portuguese listening practice!

We've divided the Shorties into a few different categories:

  • Di├ílogos - Dialogues. Fictional dialogues between 2 or more people
  • Narrativas - Narratives. Anything fictional that's not a dialogue. These typically include diary entries, emails, a description of someone's daily routine, etc.
  • Artigos - Articles. Non-fiction pieces on a variety of topics such as history, places to visit, and more.
  • Lendas - Legends / folktales. These include retellings of popular myths or traditional stories that are told in Portugal.

And a few different difficulty levels:

  • Beginner - These are generally more repetitive and tend to include shorter sentences, simple grammar, and common conversational phrases that will help you get started as a beginner. 
  • Easier - These mostly fall in the A1 - A2 range.
  • Medium - These mostly fall in the B1 - B2 range.
  • Advanced - These are typically recorded at full speed and tend to fall in the C1 and above range. They may include less common vocabulary or lots of idiomatic phrases.

You can search or filter by any of these categories / levels, by topic, or even by speaker if you find you like listening to a particular voice.

The audio-only version is free, but with membership you get access to all these useful features (in addition to the other membership benefits):

  • Portuguese/English synced transcripts
  • Vocabulary List
  • Expressions List
  • Quiz

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