"Access Expired" Message

New Members

If you've just subscribed, you may see a " Access Has Expired" message. This is sometimes caused by a delay between our payment provider (Stripe) and our website. We know this is a frustrating way to start your membership with us and we apologize for the trouble ❤️ 
Solution: Wait about a minute and refresh the page, and hopefully it should show you as an active member.
If that doesn't work, please  contact us and we'll resolve it as soon as we can.

Existing Members 

If your payment method has expired or you have previously canceled your membership, you should be able to follow the prompts after logging in to reactivate your account. 

If your membership payment is up to date, please contact us and we'll get it fixed as soon as possible! We'll also see what we can do about replacing our tech guy*

* It's basically just Joel, the co-founder  🙈

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