"Authentication Failed" error message

If your bank / card provider is based in Europe, there's a new regulation which requires a "3D Secure" authentication to process most online payments. This includes your Practice Portuguese subscription!

The authentication is the part after you click "Sign Up Now" where your bank displays a pop-up window. Each bank will show something different, but usually they send you a code to your email / text / banking app, or they ask you to complete a security challenge of some sort.

You may need to contact your bank to activate permissions for automated subscriptions before attempting to sign up.

Even if the card is valid, you have to be able to authenticate it.

If you have the MBWay app, you may be able to update permissions there. Each bank does it a little differently, though. If you're not sure, you should reach out to your bank and ask what to do.

If your first attempt failed, you can try again like this:

If there are any issues, just contact us and we'll be happy to help or make suggestions! If your account is stuck on the "Pending" status, we may need to clear it out for you before you try the sign up again.

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