Are There C1+ Level Units?

We have more B1/B2 units in progress, but currently we don’t have plans to create C1 units.

This is mainly because by the time you get to that stage, the format of learning at the sentence level is not ideal. More learning happens within your real-life interactions, and at the level of a conversation, or more extended use of the language. In other words, doing fill in the blanks, multiple choice, etc., would be too easy. The language you need also often becomes more specialized to your job, hobbies, etc. 
Instead, we normally recommend that advanced users spend time with the Shorties, Podcasts, and Videos, and to use them as inspiration for exploring the language further. For example, instead of just listening to the episode and doing the quiz, you can write or retell what happened in the episode to someone else. Or write/tell your own version of what “part 2” would sound like. This gives you practice with more creative / free-form use of the language.
Many of our advanced members also use the Smart Review flash cards (and the Listen & Speak audio review) regularly as a way to keep their skills fresh, to improve their speed, and to expand their vocabulary / “go-to” expressions.
All that said, we are looking into other advanced activity types we could include and we’re always open to suggestions for topics and features! (You may also find this useful: Site Index for exploring some of the topics we cover.)
If you're around the C1 level, let us know which areas you need more practice with and which topics would be helpful for you.

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