How Much Does A Membership Cost in My Currency?

Our membership is charged in Euros, but don't worry – that amount will be automatically converted to your own currency by your credit card.

• If you sign-up using credit card (via Stripe, our payment provider), the exchange rate is usually better than PayPal and quite close to market value. Your credit card company may influence in the converted rate, but it's not usually a concern as they are quite close to market value. You will usually need to wait a few days to see the charge appear on your credit card bank statement, to see the exact amount.

• If you sign-up using PayPal, you should be able to see the converted rate in advance. In the past, we've noticed they tend to have an exchange rate a bit worse than market value.

The estimated rates below for our Premium subscription (€15 per month) were quoted at the time of writing (Oct 7 2019). 

You can click on the links below to see the current market value. We can't guarantee that the rate will be exactly the same as what's charged, but it should be very close (usually give or take a few cents). 

US Dollars (about $16.49)

Canadian Dollars (about $21.92)

Pounds Stirling (£13.37)

Other currencies: Click any of the links above, then simply select your own currency to see the current market rate.

Of course, should anything unexpected ever happen a charge from us, please get in touch right away and we'll make it right! 

If you want to be 100% sure, you can also contact your credit card company to inquire about the converted amount in advance. 

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