What Does Membership Include?

You can listen to our Podcasts and Shorties and read the Learning Notes for FREE.
We charge a monthly fee for full, premium access to our platform. This includes the Units, Smart Review, and many extra features, such as translated transcripts.

We're a small team, so these fees are vital to supporting the continual updates and improvements we make to the website and mobile app, server costs, as well as all the work involved in the regular creation and release of new content. 
We keep the price much lower than in-person classes, but strive to provide a comprehensive, entertaining, and personalized learning experience for our members. 😊

All of our content is European Portuguese, so you can be sure you're getting practice with the way Portuguese is spoken in Portugal. 🇵🇹   

Membership Options

You have two options for premium membership:
  • Monthly (renews automatically every month)
  • 1 Year (15% off discount, renews automatically every year)
To sign-up and/or check pricing in your currency, visit this link: Become a Member

What Does Membership Include?

With an active membership you have unlimited access to our European Portuguese learning platform, which includes:
  • 100+ Units on a wide variety of topics 
  • 700+ interactive lessons that target speaking, listening, reading, and writing
  • Smart Review flash cards: Customizable review sessions that adapt to your performance, using spaced repetition. This helps you remember what you've learned and keeps it fresh in your mind in the most efficient way possible. Add phrases to your Smart Review from across the site, or search manually.
  • Listen & Speak: A hands-free / offline audio review tool that's great for speaking practice
  • Portuguese/English transcripts for our entire library of Podcasts, Videos, and Shorties (short dialogues and articles recorded by native European Portuguese speakers)
  • Vocabulary/Expressions lists and Quizzes that go along with the episodes mentioned above
  • Verbs module that allows you to search for and quiz yourself on the conjugations of hundreds of verbs in different tenses
  • Mobile app access
  • The member's forum where you can ask questions and connect with fellow learners
  • Personalized support: We're just an email away! Feel free to reach out to our team with questions and feedback. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with answers or suggestions.
  • New content added weekly! Check out our Site Index to browse by topic

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