Reset My Progress

If you've resubscribed after a long break, or you just want a fresh start, you can reset your progress at any time.

The process of working through the same content multiple times can be helpful, as you gain a different/fuller perspective of the language after each "round". You may have more mental space to pick up some of the details and subtleties you missed the first time. 🤓

Note: You do not have to delete your progress in order to redo Lessons or other content. This is just an option for those who prefer a clean slate.

Here's how to delete everything and start over:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click the gear icon (or go to Account > Manage from the menu)
  • Select Lesson Settings (or just scroll to the bottom if you're in the app)
  • Click the "Reset All Progress" button
  • Read the warning carefully and follow the instructions to delete everything

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