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Whether you are a paying member or not, you can easily subscribe to our podcast on pretty much any podcasting / podcatcher app on any platform, including iOS or Android. 

Finding Our Podcast Feeds on iOS Podcasts App

Podcast App Suggestions

If you don't have a podcast app yet, here are some iOS/iPhone suggestions: Apple's Podcast app, Spotify, or Joel's (co-founder) favourite is called Overcast (by Marco Arment) – it's free with very subtle, unobtrusive ad footers, which you can optionally pay to remove.

For Android, you could try Spotify or Pocket Casts (by Shifty Jelly). Instructions for Pocket Casts here.


Our Main Podcast: 


RSS Feed

If you're a nerd just looking for the direct address to our RSS feeds (which you can usually also subscribe to directly from within podcast apps), here they are below:

Our Main Podcast:


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