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Whether you are a paying member or not, you can easily subscribe to our podcast on pretty much any mobile application on any platform, including iOS or Android. 

Once you have a podcasting app (aka podcatcher) installed, just search for Practice Portuguese and you should be able to subscribe.

iOS (iPhone / iPad) 

Apple's own Podcast app works well and is free:

My favourite podcast player for iPhone is called Overcast (by Marco Arment) – it's free with subtle, unobtrusive ad footers, or you can pay to remove them. Our latest episodes support chapters (and this is one of the few podcast apps that support them). These chapters let you jump right the sections of an episode you want to hear. 

Note that all of this applies whether you're a paying member or not, since all of the audio is available to download for everyone! 

The "Podcast Plus" plan gets you access to all the materials that support these podcast episodes, like the transcriptions, word lists, episode quiz etc. Details here:

The "Premium" tier includes everything plus the Learning Studio


For Android, we recommend Pocket Casts (by Shifty Jelly). 

We've also created visual instructions on how to subscribe using Pocket Casts, which you can find here.

RSS Feed

If you're a nerd looking for the direct address to our podcast's RSS feed, eat your heart out 🤓😜:

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