Can I Switch to Another Language?

Sometimes we get the question, "How do I change my base language to Spanish / German / French / etc… ?" or "I selected Polish, but the Lessons are still in English" or "Do you teach other languages, too?"

First of all, sorry for the confusion! To clarify: we currently only have one version of our platform, which is learning European Portuguese from the base language of English. The Lessons, Smart Review, Verbs, and most other features and navigation are only available in English.

However, we do have certain pieces of content (some Learning Notes and Shorties) that have been translated by our community to other languages. You can check the top of the Learning Note or Shorty where it says "Available in": if your language is listed there, you can click it to view the translation. If it is not listed, it means we do not have a translation available. (Sorry! Hopefully we can add more translations in the future!)

Please note that if you view one of these translations, you will have to switch back to the English version to see the Mark as Complete button and move forward to the next activity in the Units. The translation only applies to the current page and we only have English translations for the Lessons.

Here are a few links to help you find Shorties and Learning Notes in specific languages:

Español - Spanish - Shorties

Español - Spanish - Learning Notes

Français - French - Shorties

Français - French - Learning Notes

Deutsch - German - Shorties

Deutsch - German - Learning Notes

Polski - Polish - Shorties

Polski - Polish - Learning Notes

Ukrainian - Shorties

Ukrainian - Learning Notes

Russian - Shorties

Russian - Learning Notes

Chinese - Shorties

Chinese - Learning Notes

Japanese - Shorties

Japanese - Learning Notes

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