Why Isn't this British English?

The simple answer is: we have users from all over the world! We think it's really interesting how languages naturally split and evolve over time, but it certainly makes translating much more complicated!
With so many different English dialects, we aren't able to match each one, so you may have noticed that we typically stick to what could be considered "North American" English, or more specifically, the vocabulary, grammar, and spelling commonly used in Canada and the United States. This is what our founders and team members are more comfortable with, so we feel we can be more genuine and precise in our content and translations.
We do try to offer alternatives or choose more inclusive vocabulary when possible. It may not be perfect, but we're always open to suggestions!
Here are a few common vocabulary differences you may notice:
  • pants - trousers
  • sweaters - jumpers
  • backpack - rucksack
  • apartment - flat
  • vacation - holiday
  • cookie - biscuit

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