Accented Vowels Toolbar Missing

There are a few scenarios in which we intentionally hide the accent keyboard:

1) When using a touchscreen (usually iOS/iPad or Android), since it is usually preferable to use the built-in software keyboard accents by long-pressing on the vowel.

2) If the screen size (resolution) or window width is small, since the keyboard is hidden. 

3) If the fill-in field hasn't been selected yet

If you still aren't seeing the toolbar and you don't think the above scenarios don't apply, please do get in touch so we can investigate! Any details you can provide to help us recreate the problem on our end (steps to reproduce the issue, device and web browser etc) will be much appreciated.

In the meantime, you could also review alternate methods of typing accented characters (which is probably good to know for when you're writing emails etc away from our platform!): Typing European Portuguese Accents (with any Keyboard)

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