Missing Letters at the Bottom / I Can't Type the Letter I Want

You may have noticed that a menu/toolbar of letters appears at the bottom of your screen (on desktop) for any prompts that involve typing (Fill-in-the-blank and Listen & Type). 

This menu shows all of the accented letters used in Portuguese and each one can be clicked when you need it. You can think of it as an extension to your keyboard. ( However, if you want to save yourself more time, check out our guide to using keyboard shortcuts to type accented characters: Typing Portuguese Accents)

The menu will show up whether you need accents in your answer or not (we don't want to give it away!), so keep in mind that these are not your only letter options for entering your answer. 

If you want to type a non-accented letter, like "o" or "a", you can ignore the menu and just use your regular keyboard, as is the case in the question below:

If you're using a mobile device or tablet (iPhone, iPad, etc), check out this article to see a quick clip of how to type accented characters by holding the buttons down: Typing Portuguese Accents. (This method of holding the keys down and then selecting also works on some desktops.)

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