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Filter by Difficulty 

Anytime you see the Podcast episodes listed, you can click on one of the difficulty levels to only see episodes from that level.

Just like real-life conversation, many of our episodes don't fit neatly into one of these 3 levels so these filters should just be used as a guide.

Filter by Episode Type / Format

Over the years we have experimented with different episode formats.

Artigos: Non-fiction pieces covering a variety of topics, from history, to culture, to popular spots in Portugal, to current events, and much more. In some of our Podcast episodes, Rui first reads the article slowly (so us estrangeiros have a better chance of understanding more of the content!), then reads it again but at normal speed.

Atualidades: These are unscripted, conversational episodes between Rui 🇵🇹  and Joel 🇨🇦. We may choose a theme or news item to explore, and along the way Rui gives Joel grammar and vocabulary tips.

Diálogos: Some are scripted audio sketches, and others are completely unscripted conversations between native speakers. The “Joel Vai a…” episodes are a bit easier, and you can put yourselves in the shoes of another non-native trying to navigate common situations in Portugal.

Lendas: These are something of a mix between an Artigo and Diálogo. They are scripted and based on famous Portuguese stories from the times of Kings, Queens and Castles. Almost as exciting as Game of Thrones, but with slightly less production budget 😉

Narrativas: These include short stories, diary entries, short bios, a description of a daily routine, or anything fictional that isn't a conversation!

Explained (English): For all of the episode types mentioned above, the most recent episodes have feature casual English conversations between Joel and Rui discussing the Portuguese vocabulary and expressions that occurred throughout the episode. 

Miscellaneous: Episodes that don't fit neatly into any of the other categories, eg. special announcements

Video: These are the special episodes that feature some kind of video, (usually animations provided by our brilliant animator friend, Wayne)

Search by Keyword

Looking for a certain topic or trying to find an episode you're heard in the past? Type a keyword in the search box, followed by the Enter/Return key. 

Important: Load More Episodes

Sometimes when you search or use the above filtering tools, you'll need to click a "Load More" button to see all of the results, so keep an eye open for that button!

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