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Just like real-life conversation, our episodes use grammar and vocabulary that may fall into multiple levels. However, we've assigned estimated difficulty levels to help you guide your practice. They are based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels, which are used to categorize language proficiency. 

From easiest to hardest, the levels are: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1

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Over the years we have experimented with different episode formats. The 3 primary episode types we develop are:

Shorties: These are 1-3 minute dialogues and articles spoken by native European Portuguese speakers. If you're a member, they come with synchronized transcripts, vocabulary and expressions lists, and a quiz to check your understanding. The English translation of each episode can be toggled on or off.

Podcast: The podcast episodes come with the same features, but these are usually longer and more unstructured. The podcasts usually feature Joel and Rui speaking in both Portuguese and English to offer pronunciation tips or take a deep dive into the grammar or vocabulary of our other episodes. 

Video : The videos range from simple animated dialogues, to discussions of Portuguese language topics, to hilarious or heart-warming footage of the friends and family members who have become the stars of Practice Portuguese. There’s even a full-length travel documentary. Just as with the Shorties and Podcast episodes, the transcripts are included for members. Sometimes we create animated versions of our Shorty episodes (usually the animations are provided by our brilliant animator friend, Wayne!) The “Joel Vai a…” episodes are a bit easier, as you can put yourselves in the shoes of another non-native trying to navigate common situations in Portugal.
We also divide the Shorties (and some of the Podcasts) into these four main types:
  • Artigos: Non-fiction pieces covering a variety of topics, from history, to culture, to popular spots in Portugal, to current events, and much more. 
  • Diálogos: Fictional audio sketches featuring 2 or more people having a conversation.
  • Narrativas: These include short stories, diary entries, short bios, a description of a daily routine, or anything fictional that isn't a conversation!
  • Lendas: These are something of a mix between an Artigo and Diálogo. They are scripted and based on famous Portuguese stories from the times of Kings, Queens and Castles. Almost as exciting as Game of Thrones, but with slightly less production budget. 😉

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