How Do I View My Progress?

You can use the green circles throughout the site as a way to view and evaluate your progress. Your true mastery level is much more complicated than just a number or percentage, but we hope the different sections of the site help you "paint a picture" of where you're at to help guide your study.


Each Unit contains Lessons, Learning Notes, and (usually) a Shorty dialogue at the end to practice what you've learned in context. When each piece is complete, the circle on the left becomes green and a checkmark is added. Your percentage next to the title of the Unit shows you how much of that Unit has been completed.

Smart Review

Smart Review keeps track of the phrases you've been learning throughout all of the Lessons and creates review sessions for you at the ideal time (based on spaced repetition principles). Staying up to date on these reviews helps you move your "New" phrases from Short-Term Memory to Long-Term Memory, and finally, to Mastery. 

You can use the Manage Phrases page to view how many phrases are in each category. This helps give you a birds-eye view of where you're at in terms of committing these phrases to memory. If there are a lot of phrases building up in the "New" or "Short-Term Memory" section, it could be a good idea to spend some time reviewing before moving forward in the Units. That way, you know you're really digesting what you've learned. 

But you don't need to check this constantly, unless you want to! If it's time to do a review, the Smart Review button will be visible on the main Units page. If you're all caught up, you won't see it there.


Each verb includes a section for each of the tenses shown in the image below. You'll get a quick overview of the conjugation, following by a quiz to test yourself. The circles show the percentage you received on the quiz. You can use these to see which verbs you've reviewed and which you need to practice more.

Shorties & Podcasts

Each episode includes a quiz at the end that you can take to test your understanding and mark that episode as complete. If the circle is not completely filled-in, you could consider listening to the episode again to improve your listening skills and then retake the quiz when you're ready to test yourself again.

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