Can I Share My Account?

We love it when our members embark on their Portuguese-learning adventure with a partner or other family member! 

If you're on a tight budget, you are welcome to share your account login details with a family member. Just keep in mind that sharing an account means that your progress will also be shared (Lessons, Units, Verbs, and Smart Review, etc.)

If you'd like to track your progress separately, each person needs their own account/subscription. Contact us and we'll hook you up with a discount on any additional accounts in your household. You only have to pay full price for 1 of them.

To help us send you the correct instructions, please let us know if you or one of your family members is already a member, or was a member in the past.

Please note that the family member discount only applies to future charges.

Thanks for your interest in supporting Practice Portuguese ❤️

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