Podcast Plus vs. Premium Membership Plans

We currently have 2 membership tiers available, both billed:

Podcast Plus

This option allows you to access the transcriptions and their translations, word lists, and other materials that help you get more out of the podcast episodes. 

Our podcast episodes vary in learning level and style, so they are a great way to supplement your aural comprehension regardless of what level you may be studying, (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1) by connecting what you hear to what you see in the transcript.

The English translation option in the transcriptions is also a great help for building vocabulary at the same time as seeing it used in a sentence, rather than trying to use an automatic translator.

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Practice Portuguese Premium

This second tier includes everything in Podcast Plus, with the addition of the Learning Studio, a series of quiz-based activities to get you listening, writing and understanding Portuguese
This is a great place for beginners to start building vocabulary and comprehension, starting right from the basics while gradually increasing in difficulty. 
These lessons are more sequential than the podcasts, since you can just go lesson by lesson. If you happen to be already be beyond some of these basics, you can skip over lessons, as you have access to everything right from the start. 

There are already lots of units in there to keep you busy for a while, and we're adding more on a regular basis. Learn More & Get Started

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