Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts you can use to get through our lessons and reviews faster and easier (i.e. without having to use your mouse/trackpad so much!)

Next / Check

Instead of clicking Next or Check, you can hit Enter or Return on your keyboard to move to the next question.

Speaking Practice

When you get to a speaking practice activity in a Lesson, you can use Control+Enter to start and stop the recording.

Multiple Choice

Use the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4 to select your answer. The numbers correspond to the choices from left to right, top to bottom, like this:


When doing Smart Review flash cards, use the left and right arrows to flip the card and mark yourself right or wrong, like this:

  1. See the phrase in English
  2. Translate it out loud (or in your head) to Portuguese
  3. Use the ➡️ right arrow to flip the card and see the correct translation 
  4. Check yourself: ⬅️  left arrow = wrong    ➡️  right arrow = correct

Sort the Words

You have the option to type your answer instead of selecting or dragging words.

Shorties, Podcasts, & Videos Player

After clicking play initially, you can use these shortcuts to control the audio/video:

  • K or space bar - stop/play
  • J or left arrow key ⬅️ - go back one line
  • L or right arrow key ➡️ - go forward one line


You can use the esc key to skip a question in a Lesson. This only works if that question has a Skip button visible. (Otherwise you can skip it from the lesson menu)

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