My Payment is Still Pending / Problems with Multibanco Payments

We offer a few different payments methods: Credit/debit cards (via Stripe), Paypal, or AliPay. Sometimes there is a delay on Paypal's end, so if you chose that option and see a Payment Pending message, sometimes you need to give it a little more time to process.

We also offer a Multibanco option for those of you who would prefer to pay by manually going to your Portuguese bank website, app, or a Multibanco machine.

When you choose this option, the payment is not automatically processed. Instead, the final screen shows you an Entidade and Referência number. Make sure you write down those numbers or keep that window open because these are the numbers needed to make your payment (just as you would pay a utility bill). 

If you are seeing a Payment Pending message, it could be because you haven't made the payment through your bank yet. Did you already close the page with the Entidade and Referência numbers? No problem! Just email us and let us know so that we can clear out your payment attempt before you start again.

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