How Do I Improve My Pronunciation Skills?

Many new members contact us to say that they have trouble with the tricky pronunciation of European Portuguese, especially if they come from a background of learning Brazilian Portuguese.

We include thousands of audio and video examples throughout our Lessons and Learning Notes, as well as the opportunity to record and analyze your pronunciation using our Speaking Practice tool. Take advantage of these audio clips by replaying them as much as needed and mimicking what you hear.

Our Shorties, Podcasts, and Videos also provide excellent listening practice in a more realistic context to help you differentiate between the sounds of the language in connected speech and notice the patterns over time. And, of course, finding ways to get put these skills to the test in real-life conversations can't be beat!

We also have a number of resources that give you a more explicit/in-depth look at pronunciation tips and topics:

Coming soon!: Keep an eye on the main Units page for a new unit on Minimal Pairs in which you can challenge yourself to distinguish between the pronunciations of very similar sounding words.

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