I Received a Renewal Email From Stunning.co, Is It Legit?


Stunning.co is a service we rely on to help us reach out to our members with expiring payment methods, to make sure their access on our site isn't interrupted. 

It's always a good idea to make sure that you know exactly what site you are on, especially when entering sensitive payment information. In this case, the URL should start with exactly the following: https://payments.stunning.co/…

Below is an example of a message you may receive from them, on behalf of us, when your card is expiring:

Hi {your name},
Your Visa card ending in {4 last digits of your card), which is used to process payments for the plan: Practice Portuguese Premium will expire at the end of this month. 
If you have a moment, please update your payment information below (it'll take less than a minute). 
Thanks for your continued support of Practice Portuguese!
- Rui & Joel

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