Site Elements Look Small or Zoomed Out On iPhone

You may have inadvertently activated the "Request Desktop Site" feature, which is often useful for when you are on a mobile device, but you want to see the full computer version of a page.

Although below are the steps to activate this feature, you simply follow the exact same steps to reverse it, (which is our goal here). 

Note that at least while we tested this in iOS 12, the button in Step 3 always looks the same, whether you are already in Desktop mode or not – it acts like an on/off toggle

How to request the desktop version of a website in mobile Safari

  1. Visit the affected site in Safari.
  2. Tap and hold the Refresh button in the URL bar.
  3. Tap Request Desktop Site.

  1. The website will then reload as its desktop version.

This will last as long as you have that tab open for that website; close the tab, or enter in a new web address in that tab, and you'll revert to the mobile version if you return.


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