Can I Get A Receipt / Fatura?

Downloading Your Invoices / Receipts of Payment

You can download invoices from your billing support page here: Billing History

Log in on that page and click the Billing History tab. You'll see an icon on the right where you can download the invoice for each charge. 

Invoice with VAT or Other Details

If you need to add any necessary details (such as VAT if you're within Europe / UK, business name, address, etc), login to your Billing History and add your details under the Billing Details tab. Then, click the link to re-issue existing invoices. If you have trouble finding this, email us and we'll help you out.

Invoice with NIF

If you need to include a Portuguese NIF on your invoice and want it to be registered with Finanças, please contact us, as we need to create those "faturas" manually. Send us your NIF and any other information you need on the invoice. Please double check the NIF and details before sending.

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