Can I Get A Receipt / Fatura?

Claro! Our website doesn't yet issue receipts automatically, but you can contact us to receive a special link to view / print receipts for past and future charges.

VAT Receipts / Faturas com NIF

If you're within Europe / U.K. and need specific details included on the receipt for accounting purposes (NIF/VAT, business name, address, description etc), you can send us all necessary details when you contact us so we can manually create a receipt for you.

If it's it's possible for you to receive a combined receipt every few months showing multiple payments (instead of a monthly receipt), that would be much appreciated as it does require a bit of manual accounting on our end. But of course, we can certainly issue a monthly receipt with VAT/NIF if you need one.

Normal (non-VAT) receipts that serve as proof of payment are always automatically generated, so we can just send you that special link we mentioned at the beginning of this rambling article, without needing to manually create each one. 

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