The answer is displayed on the question screen!?

Near the beginning of the quizzes, the type of question that asks you to fill in the blank (with the answer already shown as a light grey placeholder) is actually intentional!
This is because when a word is brand new to you, you can retain it easier when you practice typing the word yourself rather than just passively reading it multiple times. 

As soon as you start typing, the text goes away. So by the time you get to the end of the word, you will have still had to challenge yourself to retain the spelling of the word or phrase for a few seconds. 

When the same vocabulary shows up later on, you will be more likely to remember how to write the word yourself when you no longer have this hint to help you out. 

Most of the members who are confused by this end up agreeing with the usefulness of this feature after hearing this explanation. That said, we're constantly evolving and would love to hear your feedback or suggestions about this functionality. (Contact us here)

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