Drag & Drop / Match the Pairs Problems

We occasionally get reports of Learning Studio users having trouble with these types of questions. We know, it's a drag! πŸ™ˆ

This functionality is expected to work on mobile as well as computers, in up-to-date web browsers. If possible, try running Google Chrome on a computer for more consistent results when using the Learning Studio. Even if you don't want to use that browser, we will be able to pinpoint the problem easier if you're able to give it a try in another browser first. 

Here are some simple troubleshooting steps to try first that can get you up and running without having to wait for a response from us.

If you're still having trouble, the following are some details we'll ask you for first… so we might as well ask you now! Sending us your answers to the following when you contact us will give us a head start, save us both time, and minimize the delay in resolving the problem for you.

Troubleshooting Questions

a) For Match the Pairs questions, are you able to see the drop area to the right of the word/phrases? The colour settings on some older monitors may make this area harder to see, so when you reach out to us, it will help us to know whether the drop area is clearly visible to you or not. 

b) Are you able to drag the word or phrase at all from their original location, or is the dragging simply just highlighting the text and/or not physically moving anything on the screen?

c) What device(s) and web browser(s) have you already tried the Learning Studio on? Was the experience the same?

d) Frequency: Is the problem happening every time you try, or only sometimes?

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks in advance for your help and your patience. We'll do our very best to resolve so everything is working smoothly for you!

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