Quick & Easy Troubleshooting Steps

When you contact us, we'll be glad to work with you one-on-one to resolve your issue.  However, we're a small team, so sometimes there may be a delay in getting back to you. 

To get you back to learning faster, we've come up with the following steps you can try first. Surprisingly, these simple solutions resolve about 82.3%* of all issues members contact us about!

1) Update your web browser (or try a different one)

If you're running an older version of a web browser it can interfere with the functionality of our site. Try updating your current browser or switching to a different one, as this is often the quickest solution to get up and running again.

For the best and most consistent results, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome. Other updated browsers like Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera should also work, but Chrome seems to be the most consistent overall.

To check whether your browser is up to date, you can visit: www.whatismybrowser.com

2) Try a different device

Our platform should work on most modern devices, whether it's Windows, Mac, iOS (iPhone, iPad, Touch), Android, etc..., but occasionally there are bugs that only affect certain devices.

If you have a secondary device, try it out and see if the problem persists. Even if you don't want to use that device in general, letting us know which devices did / did not work for you will often help us isolate the issue. And at least it gives you a backup while we work to resolve the problem.

3) Turn off Private / Incognito Browsing

Using a private browsing window sometimes interferes with technology our site depends on, especially the Lesson activities. 

4) Disable adblockers / extensions / add-ons

If you've added any third-party extensions or add-ons to your browser, sometimes these can interfere with the site. Try disabling these and re-loading the page to see if it solves the problem.

5) Make sure Javascript is enabled

If you're not sure, go to https://www.whatismybrowser.com/ Next to Is Javascript Enabled? it will say Yes or No. If it says No, click on the "How to enable Javascript" link on the right.

6) Restart your browser and/or device

We've found that when nothing else works, this magically fixes the problem in 42% of cases*

Common Problems Solved With the Steps Above ⤴

  • Sound not playing
  • Problems staying logged in
  • Sorting questions not working properly
  • Next button or Check button not appearing
  • Can't continue to next question / Can't move forward in lessons

No luck? That's okay, we're happy to help: Contact us

The more information you are able to provide, the faster we will be able to resolve your issue.

  • Describe which of the troubleshooting steps you've already tried from above
  • Which browser(s) and device(s) you're using
  • Screenshots that demonstrate the issue you're running into
  • Does the issue happen every timesometimes, or just once

* These statistics are based on many years of experience and very careful consideration… Okay fine, we just made them up!

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