Quick & Easy Troubleshooting Steps

When you contact us, we'll be glad to work with you one-on-one to resolve your issue. However, since there are just two of us (Rui 🇵🇹 & Joel 🇨🇦), there will usually be a delay of at least a day in getting back to you. 

To get you back and running faster, we've come up with the following steps you can try first. Surprisingly, these simple solutions resolve about 82.3%* of all issues members contact us about!

1) Try a different web browser

If you're running an older version of a web browser or third-party extensions/add-ons, they can interfere with our site's features. Switching to a different web browser is often the quickest solution to get up and running again.

For the best and most consistent results, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer running the latest version of Google Chrome. (Other updated browsers like Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Opera should also work, but Chrome seems to be the most consistent overall).

2) Try a different device

Regardless of whether you're using a computer or mobile device (like iOS [iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch] or Android), switching devices will often do the trick. Even if you don't want to use that device to access our site, letting us know what does and doesn't work for you will help us isolate the issue to come up with a solution.

3) Turn off Private / Incognito Browsing

While this feature in Safari / Chrome and other browsers has it's place, it often interferes with technology our site depends on, especially the quiz activities. 

Common Problems Solved With Steps 1-3 Above ⤴

  • Sound not playing
  • Not seeing any premium features in podcast episodes
  • Problems staying logged in
  • A Learning Studio lesson not displaying correctly
  • Drag and Drop to Sort or Match the Pairs questions not working properly

Get in Touch

All or any of the following info will help us give you a more concise and helpful response when you contact us:

  • Describe what you already tried in Steps 1-3, and your results
  • Any additional technical details that may be relevant:
    • Which web browser and version number you're using
    • Which operating system and version
    • Nerd mode: Take 10 seconds to whatismybrowser.com and share the results with us!
  • Screenshots that demonstrate the issue you're running into
  • Does the issue happen every time you try, or just in some cases? What's the difference?

* This statistic is based on 6 years of experience and very careful consideration… besides that, we just made the number up!

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